Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Sony MDR-NC300D Headphones
This earbud model makes use of AI in it.

Product Features

* Noise canceling technology: Noise canceling headphones reduce ambient noise and provide a quieter environment to enhance audio entertainment.
* 16mm Driver Units: Drivers work with digital sound enhancer to deliver wider frequency response and superb sound quality.
* Selectable Sound Mode: Select Movie, Bass, or Normal listening mode based on your listening needs.
* Artificial Intelligence (AI): Automatically selects the optimal noise canceling mode based on intelligent analysis of environmental ambient noise.
* Ergonomic Design: Vertical in-ear style housing and seven ear pad sizes for secure, personalized fit.

Technical Details

* Brand Name: Sony
* Model: MDR-NC300D
* Headphones Form Factor: In-ear ear-bud
* Headphones Technology: Binaural
* Item Weight: 1 pounds